The Red Dogs

Acetate 1967

ImGonnaHateMyselfInTheMorning-acetate.mp3 OpenUp-acetate.mp3
LovesWhereLifeBegins-acetate.mp3 GoodThings-acetate.mp3

Tape 1 - not sure of dates but at least two different sessions - likely three sessions

BringHerBack(Dahl).mp3 DontCryNoMore.mp3
LookingDownOnYou.mp3 ImNotYourMan.mp3
ICantHaveYesterday.mp3 ShowMeAboutLife.mp3

Tape 2 - OK Don, I found it

BringHerBack(DahlAndButch)_3-12-67.mp3 CaliforniaSun_9-12-66.mp3
OpenYourBox_9-12-66.mp3 20-75_12-21-65.mp3
GoodThings_9-12-66.mp3 OpenUpYourBox_12-21-65.mp3

Tape 3 - 1/23/69 and 1/24/69

I'm not sure why we did the two mixes - this is done with the natural echo chamber instead of mechanical reverb.

One(no-echo)_1-69.mp3 One(echo)_1-69.mp3
TryALittleTenderness(echo)_1-69.mp3 TryALittleTenderness(no-echo)_1-69.mp3
TicketToRide(echo)_1-69.mp3 TicketToRide(no-echo)_1-69.mp3

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