The Illusions

Bill Rowland - rhythm guitar and vocals
Mike Jordan - Lead guitar
Jack Manahan - organ
Larry Miller - Bass
Roger Simpson - drums

Early 1965
(from master tape)

Intro.mp3 LouieLouie.mp3
Summertime.mp3 WatermelonMan.mp3
LittleLatinLupeLou.mp3 WeveGotToGetOutOfThisPlace.mp3
  RollOverBeethoven.mp3 *
*note: Roll Over Beethoven was not on the acetate

The Illusions Are Coming Again

Bob Basow - vocals and sax
Jack Manahan - organ
Steve Hall - drums
Mike Jordan - guitar
Larry Miller - bass

May 26, 1966
(from master tape)

Intro.mp3 Shapes.mp3
David's Mood.mp3 The Bitter End.mp3
Summertime.mp3  (arr. Mike Jordan) There Was A Day.mp3
Little Latin Lupe Lou.mp3 (with a nod to the Commancheros)  

Larry, Mike, Steve, Bill, Jack (not shown)


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