The Mirage

Formed as junior high students to play at a sock hop at the local roller rink. I managed the band. They were in the musician's union and were booked by New Sound Projections (Jack Manahan and Steve Hall) as 9th graders!

Jeff Jackson - organ
Eugene Clower - lead guitar
Bruce Brooks - drums
Kirk Meinke - bass
Steve Cole - vocals

Sept 22, 1967 November 25, 1967
Little Latin Lupe Lou.mp3 Hold On I'm Coming.mp3
Hungry.mp3 Midnight Hour.mp3
I Cant Get No Satisfaction.mp3 My Girl.mp3
Kicks.mp3 I Feel Good.mp3
  Oh Yeah.mp3  (complete with a Fender tape echo and strobe lights)
  Open Up.mp3  (yes, the Red Dogs - our version of both their arrangements)
  I Can't Have Yesterday.mp3 (my vanity piece) (Val said we could do it - we didn't do this live)
themirage.jpg (39033 bytes)

Main entrance to Audio House - look
at all that equipment!

themirage_with_brass.jpg (30292 bytes)

We added brass for a show at the
Thirsty Ear

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