Young Prophecies/Smack

In the summer of 1968 a number of teenagers that were attending Midwestern Music and Art
Camp got together to give a concert of "their" music - mostly folk, folk rock and one 
acid rock group.

We attended the concert and decided to sell recordings of the concert - even though when 
the acid rock group came on, the camp director stopped the concert!

We invited all of the participants to come to the studio and record. The first record was 
called "Young Prophecies." It sold over 1,000 copies - which for Audio House was the 
equivalent of a gold record!

We invited the acid rock group - called SMACK - to come in as well. The group came in and 
recorded 9 tracks. We also sold records of this group - sales were over 125 which was 
better than average especially for a group that had only existed for 6 weeks!  The record generated
enough excitement that another company re-released 300 copies in 1992.

Jeff (the organist from The Mirage) was working for us as a staff artist and designed covers for both albums.

 from the LP:

smack-final.jpg (132837 bytes)

Purple_Haze.mp3 SWABLR.mp3
Fire.mp3 Manic_Depression.mp3
Sunshine_Of_Your_Love.mp3 Set_Me_Free.mp3
Im_So_Glad.mp3 For_What_Its_Worth.mp3


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