The Argons
recorded live in Topeka probably summer 1965

La Bamba

The Argons - La Bamba.mp3

What a surprise! I was looking at the Ks. Rockers site and clicked onto this link. I couldn't believe that I saw a song from the Argons. I could only remember recording once. That was for Casino label. Then it dawned on me that the song came from a live recording in Topeka at the Vinewood Dance Pavillion. What you have is the first combining of the Argons and a group called the Dantes. No practice just call out the key and make it up as you go along. This was the first appearance of a bunch of guys that eventually became the Rising Suns (after a lot of practice). I have a metal disc of all the songs from that night. I would be curious if you have anymore of the tape. The Audiodisc that I have has become almost inaudible from all the hissing, pops and crackle. Anyway what a shock and embarrassment. I won't play the disc for anybody unless its some of the old group and we are really loaded. Hope to hear back soon.

Ron Mikkelsen

"The Argons" & "Rising Suns"


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