Some of the groups we recorded.  I've added what notes I could remember but don't guarantee the accuracy.  Please let me know if you remember something about any of these groups, or have pictures. Some groups I'm waiting on permissions.

My thanks to all the bands who have let their music be on this site. 

Jan. 15 - John Brown says I can post the MidContinent stuff!!

    - Larry Miller

(In no particular order!)

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Last Updated January 18, 2021 added some information and a picture to Tide

April 19, 2009 - new info on Young Raiders

February 18, 2006  - Added Burlington Express and Delta

July 21, 2007 added the Upside Dawne EP, BG & The Bunch, The Young Raiders, and The Bluethings

February 21, 2009. Added some info from various guest book posts

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