Some people had wondered what it cost to make a record and what it cost to record in the studio. 

Studio prices were around $15 per hour for two track and went up to $25 for four track.  The 12 track was $40.

audiohousehandcuts.jpg (137160 bytes)

An early acetate price list

audiohousepricelist-promo.jpg (52633 bytes)

Probably the first "Promo" price list.

 Probably what The Upside Dawne and

Spider and the Crabs used.

audiohousepricelist8-1-71-promo.jpg (156563 bytes)

8-1-71 Promo - -prices are starting up

audiohousepricelist10-1-74-promo.jpg (244708 bytes)

10-1-71 We added some options.

audiohousepricelist10-1-74.jpg (266598 bytes)

The regular price list from 10-1-71