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posted by: Jeff Gilliland · time: 9:49am 29 Mar. 2012 email  delete 
Where are you located?: Carol Stream, IL

Can't believe I found BG and the Bunch on the Internet! My older brother Jan played drums for the band. Is there anyway to purchase downloads of the songs? I was a big fan of the Lawrence music scene in the late 70's and early 80's. I still love to come home and catch some shows downtown.

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posted by: L. Pohlman · time: 2:36am 06 May. 2011 email  delete 
Where are you located?: Springfield, MO

I am trying to locate a photo of Ed Downs who, in the 1970's would attend Missouri Bandmasters Association conferences and record reading sessions and concerts. He was elected into our Hall of Fame and we are putting together a photo slide show of all HOF recipients. Would greatly appreciate anyone who could e-mail me a jpeg photo of Mr. Ed Downs. Thanks.

posted by: Matthew Harris · time: 12:51am 20 Apr. 2011 email  delete 
Where are you located?: Topeka Kansas

I have been a collector of local 60's bands since 1972 when I became a disc jockey. I became aware of Audio House and Topeka's 2nd St. recording studio as well. I had heard owner had kept tapes of The Fabulous Flippers, you mentioned his passing. I have disc recordings if you want mp3's of some of the Flippers songs. Happy to share anything I have. By the way, The Chosen Ones, after several name changes, became the band Kansas. Write me anytime. Matthew Harris

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posted by: Sébastien · time: 2:38am 31 Mar. 2011 email  delete 
Where are you located?: Europe

I just stumbled upon this site! Great work! I was just listening to the Tide tracks and the track "Peddling Love" sounds nearly identical to Crank's "Let Go" (very obscure band and about which little is known) which you can find here:

Is Crank a later incarnation of TIde, I wonder...?

posted by: Rick Kolbek · time: 12:21pm 09 Oct. 2010 email  website URL  delete 
Where are you located?: Topeka, Ks.

Hi Larry,

Wonderful site and thanks for sharing. Was wondering if you had any info on Steve Cowell's Contra-Band IMU recording (1971) was wanting ro get Mp3 or cdr of it. I used to play bass for ex-Bluebeard guitarist Mike Cowell, Steve's brother and I really don't think Mike even has a copy of this.

Thank you.

posted by: PJ Gray · time: 3:43am 08 Aug. 2010 email  website URL  delete 
Where are you located?: Cambridge, MA

I recently found a 45 on Audio House by "The Big G", George Moten, called 'The Slop Around' Pt1/2. I absolutely love it, and plan to play it on my radio show. Can anyone give me more information about George Moten? Does he have more recordings?

posted by: Jim Neal · time: 8:28am 03 Aug. 2010 email  delete 
Where are you located?: Raymore, MO

Just found your site while searching for information on AH 566 "Doc" Severinsen Concert, Center HIgh School Band, University of Kansas Brass Choir, January 16, 1966. I recently acquired this fine recording. Been played, but in pretty darned good shape and the cover is still in shrink. Anybody know anything about it, hope they'll drop me a line! Thanks, Jim

posted by: Dick Rector · time: 2:31am 02 Aug. 2010 delete 
Where are you located?: Lawrence Kansas

I have housed my glassblowing business (Free State Glass) in this building since 1984. When we moved in the basement was walled in plastic from Audiohouse. In 2006 the Belltones held a musical reunion here. The building is the home studio of the experimental acid-folk band Mother Teresa's Army.

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