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posted by: Tomy Matt · time: 4:33am 11 Jun. 2017 email  website URL  delete 
Where are you located?: Nebraska

Will I am doin a gig in Aug.2017. I usually look up the other acts to check out there material. I think were workin with The Young Raiders and Danial Heine and found you.. This is very Kool Cite.. I'll have to bring the band down check you out.. Whats your hours. Thank You. FD's & Mojo Hand.

posted by: Jeff Glixman · time: 10:05am 19 May. 2017 email  delete 
Where are you located?: New orleans

Guys, a friend emailed this link to me... I recall the sessions perfectly! I'm glad that you're keeping this history intact. Thanks!

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posted by: Kyle · time: 7:14pm 13 Jan. 2016 email  delete 
Where are you located?: Desert hot springs, ca

Found a 45 from a thrift shop today titled Pennsylvania 6500. No name though could you please help to identify this record?

posted by: Allen Bishop · time: 1:50pm 15 Aug. 2015 email  delete 
Where are you located?: Colorado Springs, CO

I grew up with KANSAS and was friends with Jeff. I partied with the band at there place on Adams street in Topeka. The same house that they came home one day and found the waterbed upstairs had came through the ceiling and was now in the living room. I helped set up microphones on the stage at what was the Lawrence Opera house with Michael Deucoff. I worked at the Laffyette Associate Store in Topeka with Diana, Dave Hopes wife. I just hope Jeff remembers me. Always loved the band. I always knew the music was destine for greatness!! Thanks Jeff and thanks to all the first members of the band KANSAS.

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posted by: Evan Johnson · time: 6:32pm 27 Apr. 2015 email  delete 
Where are you located?: Topeka, Kansas

Thanks for this site! I am the drummer from The Group and also The Red Dogs. So glad these old recordings still exist! Talk about a blast from the past!!

posted by: Andy · time: 5:08pm 03 Dec. 2013 email  delete 
Where are you located?: California

Great site , love to hear these mostly unheard of bands. I think they they are all great.
Any chance of posting either Klansman or Jesters recordings

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posted by: Anthony Hammond · time: 4:18pm 04 May. 2012 email  delete 
Where are you located?: Canada

Thank you for the great sounds.Will you be adding more soon? Kind Regards,

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